Dear Participants,

Turkish Flour Industrialists’ Federation (TFIF) is a non-governmental organization gathering the organizations giving service in the flour industry under a single roof, and aiming continuous development and solution-oriented strategies. TFIF, which carries out researches in line with the needs of the sector; represents 8 associations and cooperates with public sector organizations, other professional institutions and stakeholders of the sector.

TFIF is a roof organization established with the memberships of the associations established by the firms, which have spread all over Turkey. In this context, TFIF, which continuously works hand in glove with the other institutions and organizations, which are directly, or indirectly in contact with the sector, aims to provide maximum benefit to its members and the flour industry in Turkey. In addition to the International congress and exhibition organized every year, it brings industrialists together within the framework of the national and regional-wide meetings, and it takes the initiative of the development of the sector with the contributions of the in the instructors and administrators qualified in their category.